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Mexico Chiquito

Mexico Chiquito MIGHT get your order wrong 50% of the time and their employees MIGHT not have uniforms, name tags, hairnets, gloves or literally anything that keeps them from looking like randos who wandered into a restaurant and started making food for no reason at all and their food MIGHT come in sketchy unmarked brown paper bags and my order MIGHT always come out to $6.66 …..but that cheesedip and fruit punch though!!!!! 🔥🔥

Jello Shots!

Me to Wal-Mart person- “Sir, where are your jello shot containers?”

Walmart person- “Uhhhh. I don’t think we have that.”

Me- “You do.”

*looks around and finds them*

Me- “These are them.”

Walmart person- “Oh, I thought those were for condiments.”

Me- “No sir. If you’re over 18 and under 50 they’re for jello shots.”

Walmart person- *Thinks I’m hilarious*

Jkjk. He just stared at me and then walked away.