Time Capsule

I’m not going to lie, having my childhood best friend text me asking “Didn’t we bury a time capsule in your moms back yard when we were little?” might be the most exciting thing to happen to me this far. Somewhere in my back yard are letters to us from the past and I’m going to find them! If you need me, I’ll be in the back yard digging with a spoon.


Worst Week Ever

Sunday my tire goes flat and I find out I need a new radiator. Tuesday I get in a car wreck. Wednesday I find out that Indulgences Day Spa closes without telling anyone when I have over $400 in prepaid sessions with them. Today I get a letter from the IRS saying I owe them quite a bit of money… how’s your week? Child this ain’t nothing but the devil. It’s starting to get a tad stressful… Can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow. 😭😭😭😭 If you need me I’ll be crying in a corner.

A Letter To The Randos

Dear Randos of Facebook,

If you could please do me a solid and stop posting pics of the dead frozen puppy that would be greaaaaaaaatttttt. In lieu of pictures of dead animals, if there is some frozen puppy fund you would like me to donate to, I will do that but that pic of the dead puppy is kind of killing my Friday vibe. Thaaankssss.

Just a simple girl who doesn’t like your depressing dead puppy pics.

Spoiled Kids

I’ve been giving drinks and candy and even random school supplies to a kid almost everyday for months thinking he lives at our apartment complex. Turns out he lives several blocks away, he just heard I’ve got that good candy and he needed some notebooks . πŸ˜‚πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈHelping the stranger children one piece of candy at a time.

Me: Boy get out of my office!
Him: What really?
Me: Yes and take this cookie cake…..I’ll see you tomorrow.