Cracker Barrel

My mom is trying to suggest places for where to eat for my birthday dinner. “We could go where Brad’s wife used to work!” 😒 Get off the Internet mommmmmmmm.


Lost Bet

Resident walks in to pay rent super late.

Me: Hey how’s your day going?

Resident: Terrible.

Me: I’m sorry to hear that. What’s going on?

Resident: Are you free tonight?

Me: Um…..not sure why?

Resident: I lost a bet.

Me: You lost a bet?

Resident: I lost a bet and had to buy 50 tickets to Fast and Furious. That’s why my rent is late.

Me: Do go on.

Resident: Well I was at this BBQ right? Me and one of my friends were shootin basketball and we started to make bets. He bet me $20 I’d miss the shot and I made it. Then it went up to $40 and $100. Eventually I’ve won $400. Next thing I know my friend bets “If I miss this shot, I’ll buy everyone at this BBQ a ticket to see King Kong. Wouldn’t ya know it he missed? He got on his phone and buys 50 ticekts right then and there. He then says “Well you have $400 now so lets make the last bet. If you miss the shot you buy everyone here tickets to see Fast and Furious…well my rent is late so you can probably guess what happened. If you’re free tonight you can come watch a movie with me and 48 of my best friends.”

Um more importantly can I start going to all your bbq’s? There’s some other movies I’ve been wanting to see…