Book of the Month Subscription Box Review

I’ve always loved the smell of books. Whether I’m in a Barnes and Noble or even a library, my heart pounds just a little faster at the thought of opening a book and finding out what story lies inside. It’s a funny thing really, when I’m in a store or maybe even looking at a Bookstagram, I see a book that I want and immedietly have to have it. The problem is (and I think this is true with many people) that when I get the book and take it home to put on my shelf, that’s usually where it stays. Forever. It’s not that I don’t like reading, in fact, I LOVE reading. If I end up ever getting the book opened, I’m hooked and so glad that I read it. I feel a lot better about myself than when I scroll on Facebook for hours or binge watch the newest Netflix series. There’s just something about having a book in your hand and letting your imagination go to places that you’d normally never go to, that tv can’t give you.

Recently I’ve been trying to live my best life. That means spending more time doing things that I enjoy and that matter, saving money and overall living a more simple life. I am hoping to cut back on binge watching shows and aimlessly scrolling through social media. Recently, Buzzfeed featured a monthly subscription service that caught my eye. It’s called Book of the Month. At first I thought, “No, don’t click it. You don’t need another monthly subscription box.) I’m always first to sign up for things like Bark Box, Blue Apron or KiwiCo for my niece and nephew. The problem is, they usually are really expensive and I end up never cooking the food or the dog toys are cheap and get destroyed easily. If I’m going to commit to a monthly subscription box, I want good quality products for a price that I can afford. So let’s talk about the Book of the Month club!
Once a month you log in to your account and will get 5 books to choose from. These are the books I got to choose from in September.


Each book will have the genre, a synopsis and a review from one of their panel judges.¬† There is also a “good-to-know” section that lists short characteristics of each book. On this section it might say things like feminist, psychological, fast read or even unreliable author. This is just an added bonus to help make sure you make the right selection! If none of the books peak your interest, you always have the option to skip the month.¬†Once you make your pick, your book will arrive within a week


When your box gets to you, your book will be nicely packaged and even come with a bookmark.

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As you probably noticed, I received two books. That’s because right now on Book of the Month, if you use the code FALLFEELS, you receive a second book FOR FREE! To have a subscription to Book of the Month, you pay just $14.99 a month. So, I got these two books for $14.99. If had purchased the same books on Amazon, I would have paid over $40. So not only am I saving money on books that I probably would have gotten anyway but also, knowing that I have a new book coming every month, it gives me a deadline to read and it has helped me to stick to reading at least one book a month! So I no longer have books collecting dust on my shelf and I just love my box on my doorstep each month! I can’t wait to get started on my thriller books. I will definitely continue being a member!

If you would like to give this great subscription box a try (which I highly recommend), click HERE and don’t forget to use the code FALLFEELS for an extra book FOR FREE!